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Energy Saving Windows

Your Replacement Windows can Save You Money

If you have spent any time looking at new window options for your home or business you have likely seen that many of them are energy star rated windows. Understanding what that means, and how it can help you is very important. To put it simply, windows that have that rating are designed to be energy saving windows that will help to keep the cold air outside and the warm air in. Of course, during the hot summer months, that is reversed. Different types of windows do this differently. Some of them are more efficient than others, and a number of factors will go into determining just how much energy they will save. The more energy they save, the more money you will save each month. Over time it is possible for the windows to actually pay for themselves. Another way they can save you money is by adding value to your home, so when you sell your house you’ll get a higher price.

Factors that Impact Energy Savings

As mentioned, there are quite a few different things that will impact the overall energy savings that you will enjoy. The following are some of the key areas that will influence this: • Materials – The material that is used to make the window is very important. Most older windows are made of wood, which is not very efficient. Today’s energy saving windows are mostly made of either vinyl or aluminum. • Drafts – When there is a small crack or other opening in the window, the heat from your home will quickly leak out. Modern windows are made to be completely sealed so that no air can get in or out, which leads to improved energy efficiency. • Glass – The glass itself is very important for conserving energy. Many of the windows we sell have double pane glass, which is far more efficient than single pane options. There are other specifications that can go into it as well, but these are the three main areas. Our energy saving windows are all made to help keep your home comfortable, no matter the temperature outside. This makes your home more pleasant and also helps to save you money all year long.

Questions? Contact Us

If you have any questions about our energy saving windows, please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask. We have been in business for over 11 years now, and are happy to help you in any way we can. We serve people from Maywood, Paramus, Hackensack, Little Ferry, Glen Rock, Lodi, Garfield, Elmwood Park, Saddle Brook and Fair Lawn, NJ. We also offer free estimates and the lowest prices for these great products (prices start at just $169.00 per window up to 60 UI). If you are thinking about replacing your old windows with new, energy star rated windows, please let us know. We are happy to provide you with references from previous customers upon request, or set up your order for new windows today.

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