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Types of Window Issues we can fix

Few things can be as frustrating as having a window that is drafty or won’t properly open and close. The problem is, if you don’t want to invest in getting new windows many people think that they just have to put up with these types of issues. Fortunately, however, that is not the case. We have been fixing a wider range of different problems with windows for over 11 years now, and are happy to help you with any type of repair that needs to be done. We serve homes and businesses in New Jersey, and offer the lowest prices for all our great products. So, if you live in Maywood, Paramus, Hackensack, Little Ferry, Glen Rock, Lodi, Garfield, Elmwood Park, Saddle Brook or Fair Lawn, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote on your window repair.

Issues We can Fix

The following is a list of some of the more common types of window repairs we are able to perform. If you are having any type of problem with your window, we are happy to help get it fixed as quickly and affordably as possible. • Broken Window Pane – If the glass in your window is broken or cracked, we can come out and replace it quickly and easily. • Stuck Windows – Older windows often get warped or swollen over time, and can become hard to open and close. We can come out and address this type of problem for almost all windows. Our window expert will evaluate what needs to be done to fix the problem, and prevent it from happening again. • Drafty Windows – Air flowing in from the outside can cost you a significant amount of money in wasted energy. Let us seal up your windows properly so they don’t let the air out of your home. • Squeaky Windows – When you open or close your windows, do they make a squeaking noise? If so, we can come out and get that taken care of. This often happens before the windows start to seize up, so don’t put this repair off another day. • Rattling Windows – When a window is loose in its frame it can rattle in the wind, which can be very annoying. Our repair expert can put an end to this problem without having to replace your windows. Of course, there are other types of problems that can occur with windows. Whatever the issue is that you’re having, we would be happy to help get it repaired. Call us for a free estimate based on your specific situation.

Contact Us Today

We can perform almost any type of repair on your window that you need done. As the best and most experienced window professionals in the area, we are happy to work with you on any problems. We also have references available upon request. If you decide that you would rather purchase new windows, we sell those too. Energy star rated windows start at just $169.00 per window (*up to 60 ui).

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