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How Replacement Vinyl Windows are Made

If you are considering replacement vinyl windows for your home or business, you may be interested to learn a little bit about how they are made. The design and material that is used throughout the process helps to ensure the highest quality windows possible. When made properly, vinyl windows can last for the life of your home, which is far longer than virtually any other type of window. We sell a variety of different styles of vinyl replacement windows, and they can come in virtually any color that you desire, which makes them ideal for matching or complimenting any type of home or office building. This is just one more reason that this type of window has become so popular over the last several decades.

History of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows really started to become popular back in the 1960ís because it allowed homeowners to easily order quality windows to fit their specific needs. Before this, most windows were made of wood, which did not last nearly as long and needed to be painted quite regularly. During the first several years of vinyl windows they were assembled mostly by hand, and screwed together at the corners. This was a dramatic improvement over older types of windows, but still had some problems. Over the years, the manufacturing methods improved quite significantly. The vinyl material that is used today is much more pure, which prevents fading, cracking and breaking. In addition, rather than using screws to assemble the windows, which is prone to cracking and leaking, the windows today are connected with an advanced welding technique. This helps ensure the vinyl is much stronger and will last far longer than ever before. Todayís replacement vinyl windows are made to last for a lifetime without fading, cracking or any other issues. In addition, they are far more affordable than they ever have before. Our windows, for example, start at just $169.00 per window (*up to 60 ui). One last benefit that youíll get from the advanced manufacturing techniques used for these windows is the energy efficiency. Since there are no cracks or lose areas, the windows do a great job at keeping the outside air out, which can lower your energy bills significantly. This is why they have qualified as energy star rated windows.

Contact Us with Questions

If you have any questions about the replacement vinyl windows we sell, or any of our high quality windows, please donít hesitate to call us. One of our window experts can explain additional benefits, answer any questions and even provide you with a free estimate on new windows for your home or business. We have been serving the people of New Jersey for over 11 years now, and offer the lowest prices for this great product. If you live or work in or around Fair Lawn, Saddle Brook, Elmwood Park, Garfield, Lodi, Glen Rock, Little Ferry, Hackensack, Paramus and Maywood, NJ we can help you to choose the right vinyl windows for your home or business. We look forward to working with you soon.

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